What It’s Like To Make a Website

Making a website wasn’t something I thought I’d be doing this semester, but I’m glad the digital media and culture class has some practical elements like this I can learn. This prospect is exciting because obviously building a website is an important skill to have in our digital age. So far, the website has been easy to configure and customize, so I’m happy with what I’ve been able to do so far.

As for my goals with the website this semester, I want to develop it to the point where it contains enough content and is organized enough that it looks reasonably professional and I’ll be able to keep it running as a portfolio of some of my basic digital skills. I want to make continuous posts on my news sources because this would be a good basis for content on my blog.

I wanted to keep my design about as simple as possible for the website. This means clear large headings, menus to separate the functions I have on the site, white background and few images as to not be distracting. I like the gothic style theme as it reminded me of a professional or news- oriented theme. Often the websites I see that have a design I don’t like because their color schemes try to do too much or there’s too much going on and looking disorganized. Most professional-looking websites are very stripped-back and minimal, so that’s what I’m trying to key on.

Before the end of the semester I’d like to add a lot content-wise and hopefully my theme and menus continue to work well with more content, but I’m open to adjust them if it would look better. So far I haven’t had a lot of complications, so hopefully this continues.


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