Final Website Self-Assessment

Overall, making a website was harder than I thought. At the beginning of the semester, I chose a design that was simple but professional looking, so I still like the theme. As for things I changed, I did do some tweaking to the menu system and categories, as the links were broken and didn’t lead to anywhere. I found these systems the most frustrating to try and use, because they were unintuitive to me, even when I looked up guides for how to work them, and in the end didn’t make much of a difference. I played around with a static home page throughout the semester but found that it didn’t make a lot of sense given my blog- style of website and not being able to find a specific purpose for the home page. I think the “most recent” side-bar works for me for now, given there aren’t so many posts that one wouldn’t be able to find what they’re looking for, although, if I added many more pages I would likely have to invest more time into figuring out a robust menu system that allowed navigation through many pages.

Image result for website

              The goals I made throughout the semester were mostly met, given I just set out for a simple, clean, look and I managed to keep it uncluttered. I didn’t end up posting about news articles like I planned to, but I found the discussion in class about them sufficient for me when the semester’s workload started to pile up. One of the elements I didn’t plan at all was uploading my recently recorded podcast with Table Talkto my website, but as I was thinking about how the semester is coming to aclose, I considered how I can use the website going forward. Since I’ve already put the time into basic formatting of a website, I figured that I could keep this as my web presence, adapting it based on what I’m involved with and want to show off.


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