Topic Proposal

What I want to explore in my projects for the rest of the semester is the representations of fear of modern technology. This may well often relate to horror films, but I don’t want to narrow myself to just that genre given plenty of recent science fiction has become more rooted in reality and therefore reflects technological fears closer to home than ever. A good place to start would be the television show black mirror, given it’s a current and popular show that does a convincing job of making seemingly outlandish technological concepts feel rooted in reality. I can do so because of its ability to tie these concepts to technology we currently have and then take the logical leap to what they could become in future. I want to discover the ways in which our fears have evolved from technological worries of the past, how close some of these fears are to becoming a reality, and how we can combat these fears from becoming reality if they really are so imminent. Some of the specific fears I’ll look into will include hijacking online identities, creating a false reality out of digital space and fascist social hierarchies in the digital age.


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