Creative Project

          For my creative project, I decided to make a podcast about my wider topic, Black Mirror. I recorded on a Snowball microphone I own from recording other podcasts, with 3 friends of mine I knew were all big Black Mirror fans. From here, I put the file on my iPad because I had iMovie editing on it, cut some material, and put in intro music and the visual background. While my editing wasn’t a heavy workload, it still took longer than I expected, mainly because I haven’t used iMovie before. Finally, I uploaded the video to Youtube, so I’d have a place to send a link from.

          The goal of having a podcast on episodes we liked and didn’t was too rooted in the idea that people will enjoy the episodes whose technological message speaks to them the most. There are also distracting variables, like writing and acting, but this was the general premise. In saying that, people tended to like episodes that weren’t too far removed from our reality but did feature some technology that was an extension from what we currently have. Examples of this would include episodes like Play Test and National Anthem being less liked because they didn’t think about technology creatively. Meanwhile episodes like San Junipero and 15 Million Merits were more science fiction than reality, but made us think through our technology to a greater degree, given the easily identifiable line from our current technology.

          I believe this relates to the psychological fallacy where we only care about problems that are imminent. At the same time, for the technology to have a truly chilling effect, it must be a projection, as we generally don’t believe it’s viable for our current technology to have these damning effects yet. I felt as though getting multiple people’s opinions would help demonstrate what was effective, and thus help us to examine ways we can caution people about their technology use effectively. It does create some clouding of results to consider multiple opinions, but if anything, this demonstrates why it is so hard to get people to reflect on their technology use, people respond in different ways.


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